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Take the example of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind’. It’s rated 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the genres Romance, and Science Fiction, starring Jim Carrey. If you’re a Jim Carrey fan you might think that you will love it. But when you see the “make-up” or “DNA” of the movie beyond just genre, you’ll see that it is quite slow, surreal, quite heavy, very emotional, and set in small, enclosed spaces. For your average Jim Carrey fan who likes fast-moving light entertainment this won’t be a good fit!

Visible AI is a concept in recommendation science which means not only being able to recommend something that the user will like, but also being able to explain WHY they will like (or dislike) something.

boxlist is unique in having cracked this problem as traditional ‘collaborative filtering’ approaches can only connect titles abstractly, whereas we are able to explain the DNA match and clash areas vs your taste for every single title!

Yes! You can then apply our unique Taste filter to all your movie searches. This means that with the taste fingerprint filter on, only movies which score 1 and 2 will show up in your search (where 1 is a perfect taste match, and 5 is a terrible taste match).

Our initial sign up process (and short taste test) is designed to be self-contained and accurate in deriving your taste, so you don’t need to endlessly rate stuff before getting good recommendations. However, if you do want to rate content after signing up, then this will continue to refine your taste fingerprint and suggestions as well.

Just because something is a great taste match, doesn’t mean it’s a great movie. You might love fast action movies, but that doesn’t mean you will necessarily enjoy “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” (2009)... although you might. So this might show up as 1 taste match, but a 40% quality rating – that way, you can make your own decision whether it is the right movie for you right now!

We use a blended rating which includes the individual ratings of our boxlist users, as well as Imdb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and others. We also present Rotten Tomatoes and Imdb ratings for each title.

We have very advanced filters covering everything from year of release, to age certificate, to story theme (e.g. love conquers all), to DNA (e.g. fast or intricate). We challenge you to find a more advanced or extensive filter set when refining your search! If you do, please let us know.

Yes, make sure you enter which streaming service(s) you have access / subscribe to, and then you can limit your search just by those services.

Every title has buttons to show where you can stream it in your territory. Click on a button and you will be directed straight to your streaming service to watch it instantly.


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Yes, boxlist covers not just titles available to stream, but also those released at the cinema / movie theater. The best part is, our recommendation methodology does not suffer from the ‘cold start’ problem - this means that you don’t need wait for thousands of people to watch or review a new release before you know if it’s a good taste match and why. With our technology you’ll know the minute it’s released!

Please e-mail us at team@boxlist.com with your bugs or feature suggestions.

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