Save that half hour deciding what to watch or read

AI powered entertainment discovery. What ticks your boxes?

Know what to watch and WHY

Every recommendation includes colour coded match and clash analysis against the different elements of your personal taste. On the platform and in weekly e-mails

Joint AI suggestions for couples

Recommendations in order of your personal taste, or sorted by the combined taste of you and your partner together

See top picks from others who match with you

Discover other users who most closely match your taste personality, and see what they're watching and recommending too, supplemented by great social features

All titles across all streaming services

Our catalogue includes all the titles, not just the ones shown on a specific streaming service. You can also filter by service, and click through to watch on your chosen one

Books coming soon!

Our unique technology has now been extended to books. Same great match and clash analysis, whole new horizon

Rate, review and track => get even better suggestions.

The more you rate, the better your recommendations

Powered by smart technology

Some very smart people have developed some very smart AI

Our unique content attributes

Genre doesn’t tell the whole story. Through some very smart technology, you can see the ‘DNA’ of every title beyond genre (e.g. pace, intricacy, emotional punch, originality, and more) to really see what makes it tick.

Super-efficient taste test

You will be asked to take a < 2 min taste test which, through testing with tens of thousands of users, we have designed to be the quickest possible way to calculate your taste, likes and dislikes.

Personality archetypes

Everyone who takes the test is assigned both an entertainment personality, and also a detailed taste fingerprint that we hold for them in the background.

Quality distinct from taste

Just because something is highly rated doesn't mean YOU will like it. That's why for every title we calculate and show the quality score separately from your taste match.


We know as well as you there's loads of movie sites out there. Some are great, some are terrible. But there's nothing quite like this. Give it a try.

We are facing three key problems in the entertainment space:

1. Overwhelming variety.

e.g. 1m movies/shows, >200 streaming providers, >130m books, >2m podcasts, >1m video games. All accessible instantly.

2. Our unique tastes and preferences are not accounted for.

Some services may say they are (I'm thinking one mammoth streaming service for instance), but either their technology isn't good enough, or they are not incentivised to provide great recommendations, and instead want to push the latest title from their catalogue.

3. We don't have hours to spend finding the perfect entertainment.

And when we do select something, we need to be sure that we will enjoy it, especially in the era of abundant TV shows which represent quite an investment both of time and potentially money.

Not to start with. You get two weeks for free, and then its 3.99 a month following that (or less if you pay annually). A small price to pay for getting back hours of your time each month!

This small contribution also allows us to cover some basic hosting fees and one or two developers so we can keep making boxlist better!

Tens of thousands of users, across more than 80 countries. The majority are in the UK and the US, and the numbers are growing!

No. We're super-proud of what we've created, but it's improving all the time, and we'd love your help to make it better.
Contact us at with any feedback, or offers to help!

Why people love us

"...totally changed the way my partner and I choose what to watch. We also enjoy the ‘combined’ recommendations..."


"...Finally, an independent algorithm based on my taste, as opposed to each platform just pushing their latest content..."


"...Intuitive website to use, and the film suggestions have been spot on. Highly recommended!!!"




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