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What ticks your boxes?

With boxlist, take our 5 min taste test to find out your type, then connect with people and content that are uniquely matched with it.

Because we keep our algorithms in plain sight, our ‘visible AI’ technology - that comes with boxlist+ - also provides DNA colour coding of the aspects you will like and dislike for every title.


Understand your entertainment personality

Everybody is unique, and just because something is highly rated doesn’t mean you will like it. That’s why we’ve developed a fast taste personality test with sophisticated AI and the results of 10,000’s of users. Get a free report summarizing your viewing taste and see your top recommendations from the last year.



Connect with others who share your taste

Find and follow other users and writers who match your viewing personality. Invite your friends to share what you’re watching, what has you hooked, and what you can’t wait for next. Read reviews, editorials, and participate in discussions on all the latest topics and titles.



Search by and discover the DNA of every title

Genre doesn’t tell the whole story. Through some very smart technology, you can see the ‘DNA’ of every title beyond genre (e.g. pace, intricacy, emotional punch, originality, and more) to really see what makes it tick. Filter and search by these same attributes to help you quickly find the content you want.



Click and play from our streaming hub covering 100+ services

Find out where you can stream any title, save the services you subscribe to (150+ supported) to narrow your search, and click through on any title to stream on your service.


Contribute ratings, reviews, lists, and writing. View from your personal tracker

Maintain your personal tracker where you can see all your activity, ratings, reactions, reviews, stories, lists and metrics. Share your tracker with your friends and others who match your type.

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Free to use. Better with boxlist+

Get boxlist+ to turn on Visible AI (‘DNA’ colour coding of the aspects you will like/dislike for every title), sort everything by taste match, get Will I Like It? scores for every title, receive weekly ‘Fresh New Things’ smartlists, see combined recommendations for you plus your partner/friends, and much more.


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